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    Uruguay Makes it in Semifinals of the Confederations Cup

    July 3rd, 2013

    Uruguay marks its place in the semifinals of the Confederations Cup by defeating Tahiti. The credit goes to Abel Hernandez who scored a hat-trick in the first half itself. The striker scored a header and ended the pass by Nicolas Lodeiro before Diego Perez and Hernandez made it four. A fifth goal was scored by Lodeiro before the substitute Luis Suarez added two more. Uruguay will be facing Brazil (the host of the cup) now in the last four on coming Wednesday.

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    It was evident that Uruguay knew that a point was enough to move progressively and Tabarez was assertive to make 11 variations with the last four in thought. The changes included scooping out Suarez, Diego Forlan and Edinson Cavani from the starting line-up. Hernandez who had previously been able to score just three international goals was seen in full morale.

    The amateurs in Tahiti have won much praise for their efforts in Brazil and the positive points were in their domain with Steevy Chong-Hue, the striker playing impressively and the debutant Gilbert Merielsaving his penalty from Scotti. But that was not stable at all and the flashes of pride was over just after a minute and nineteen seconds with Hernandez scoring it right away. He now holds a record for the quickest goalin the history of the competition.

    Perez scored his 85th international goal in the match running into Walter Gargano lob and tapped in the third goal of the match from a close range. His first attempt, a header was stopped by the post or it would have been his second goal. Uruguay was mildly threatened by Chong Hue when he drifted around the goalkeeper but could only find the side netting in the narrow angle shot he had.

    Scotti was shown the yellow cardtwice in the game and his frustration was mounted high. But things were evened when Ludivion tripped Aguirregarayand was also given a yellow card for the second time and had to leave the field in tears. Hernandez scored the sixth goal taking the pass from Lodeiro who drilled it cross from Gargano. Suarez made the seventh goal by finding the bottom corner leaving Tahiti conceded with 24 and total score 1 in the entire tournament.

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    Oscar Tabarez, the Uruguay coach said that, “Our primary objective on arriving in Brazil was to make sure we stayed in the tournamentuntil the end, and we’ve made that happen. For that reason, we’re very satisfied.In terms of this result, in spite of the fact that nothing’s impossible in football, things went as you’d expect. We rested a few players because if they’d played it would’ve been trickier for them to recover in time [for the semi-finals].”

    He further added, “We took a risk in that regard, but things turned out very well. We’ve now got two more opportunities to give a good impression of our national team and, even though we’re aware of Brazil’s ability, we’ll be aiming for a positive result.”

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    Mexico Departs as the Third Team in their Group in Confederations Cup

    June 26th, 2013

    It is a cheer up time for Mexico who just departed as a winning team from the Confederations Cup leaving Japan on the bottom of group A. Javier Hernandez was clearly the man. The two headers by him in the second half did wonders for the team.

    It was Andres Guardado who headed against the woodwork and offered a clear cross to Hernandez which he utilized to turn into the goal opening the score. Although both of the teams were already eliminated, it was just a matter of pride and Hernandez sealed the victory through the Giovani Dos Santos’ corner. A consolation was scored by Shinji Okazaki just before a penalty was missed by Hernandez.

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    Atsuto Uchida, the substitute hauled down Hernandez before he joined all his efforts to take the spot kick kept in place by Eiji Kawashima.This finale was definitely topped up with dramatic notes. The ball that was kicked by Hernandez was rebounded back to him but he clearly missed out the chance to score a hat-trick by hitting the bar on the second attempt.

    But was it costly in any terms? No it was not as Mexico was able to make it to the third position behind Brazil and Italy in their group. Japan returns with no points at all in the three games but can find solace in the fact that they will be returning to Brazil in 12 months’ time when they confirm their place in the World Cup 2014 finals as Asian Group B winners. It will be a treat to get Mexico back as well but their return is not sure at present time.

    The reason being that they have much before the can qualify for the World Cup. However the coach Jose Manuel de la Torre will be pleased to find one win after two defeats continuously by Italy and Brazil. Japan had its chances and thus no winning signs were seen by Mexico on the earlier stages.

    Shinji Kagawa should have scored his second goal of the tournament but he could not and Yasuhito’s attempt from long range was deflected by Okazaki to find the Mexican net. Unfortunately at that time, Okazaki was offside. Keisuke Honda contributed in saving a goal as Guillermo Ochoa kicked the ball. The wasteful finish by Japan proved their downfall.

    Guardado’s flying header in the 40th minute rebounded off the woodwork and that was when Mexico went closest to scoring. But their victory was sealed by the 12th minute of the second half by Hernandez. He can now boast of 35 international goals in total 53 appearances.

    he finish of Japan was thrilling as Okazaki scored from close range when there were just four minutes left of the match.

    Brighton Says Gus Poyet Knew he was Due to be Dismissed

    June 19th, 2013

    The departure of Gus Poyet might not go down well among the fans but as much sad as it might be, it is the truth. Brighton and Hove Albion has a different say in the matter. They stated that he was aware of the facts and knew that he was due to be dismissed even before appearing live on the TV. His sacking was informed to him by the BBC while working as a pundit during the Sunday’s Confederations Cupcoverage. Their official website stated, “The club spent much of Sunday in discussion with Gus and his representatives. Gus was well aware, before he appeared on the BBC that his dismissal was pending.”

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    This did not end up there itself, the statement continued further, “For legal reasons we cannot say anything about the content of those discussions.Given Gus has a right to appeal the decision to dismiss him, the club will not be making any further comment on this matter at this time.”

    Gus Poyet at the age of forty five was suspended by the Championship side last month. Also he was told by the officials to stay away from the club awaiting an internal inquiry. The odds doesn’t seem to be in his favor at all. The entire matter was considered by the disciplinary panel of the club on Friday and Saturday. After it was decided, Seagulls posted a statement on their official websiteon Sunday at 19:14 BST and informed that his contract has been terminated.

    The news of dismissal was told to Gus Poyet when the BBC Three production staff gave him a club statement off air while the coverage of Nigeria against Spain. The statement by Brighton states clearly that the former Chelsea midfielder had been “informed by the club’s internal disciplinary panel” that he has lost the manager positionfrom the club and the club will be looking for appointing an interim manager now.

    During half time, Gus Poyet told the BBC presenter Mark Chapman, “I’m probably the first to be in this position. Everyone can make their own conclusions about the way I have been informed by you. I think the BBC got a great story forever really, because a manager getting the information that he’s been released from his employment during the time of a programme is quite surprising.”

    Gus was approached again after full time and he told BBC that an email was sent to him by the club at 21:03 BST confirming he would appeal his dismissal.

    “I’ve been trying to establish what my rights are now,” he said. “From what I read from the statement, I am unemployed. My idea now is to appeal and get back to the job I’ve been doing.”

    He further said, “I can’t go into details of the future. It’s just a matter of being calm and make sure you make the right decision. “

    Top Five is a “Different Planet”: Crystal Palace Manager Ian Holloway

    June 11th, 2013

    Club’s future would have been entirely different if they would have made it to the winning place in the Premier League says Ian Holloway, the manager of Crystal Palace. He stated to the media, “We have got a chance of everybody’s dream. It is a different planet and off the chart. If it is achieved then it might mean a new ground, which is the vision of the owners. Further he explained, “I have already seen and felt what it would mean to Crystal Palace fans. You have got some serious issues on the pitch, as you have got to get serious players in, but off the pitch it would mean an unbelievably bright future.”

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    The finals of the championship will be played at Wembley and will see the face off of The Eagles and Watford. £120m is the expected sum that will be received by the side that wins promotion. The financial services company Deloitte has announced the play off final as “the biggest financial prize in world football”.

    It does not end here at all. The fresh Premier League TV deal will set the top flight sides with a whopping amount of £55m. Furthermore the winning side does not need to care about relegation even after just one season as they will be rewarded with £60m in parachute payments over the course of four seasons. The potential windfall has been labelled as “transformational” by the co-owner and co-chairman of Crystal Palace, Steve Parish.

    It was the summer 2010 when Steve Parish, Jeremy Hosking, Stephen Browett and Martin Long took over the Selhurst Park outfit after the club went through a distressed time. Thereafter, they enter the administration in July in the same year.

    Parish told the media that there is much at stake. He explained further, “It’s almost like walking into a casino and putting the future of the club on red or black. It’s a 50-50 bet with which you might be able to transform your football club. The longer you are not in that division [the Premier League], the more riches are bestowed upon clubs which happen to be in there and the harder it is for other clubs to get in there and stay there. Watford are not in a dissimilar position with us on grounds and I’m sure we’ll both be looking and the riches and thinking we could probably make that go quite a long way and make a big change to the club. It puts an enormous amount of pressure on both clubs for the game and it will be the team who cope with that the best who will prevail.”

    Holloway took over Eagles in November. He hopes sincerely that Crystal Palace are able to cope up with the occasion on Monday. He says it is all about performing. If you perform well than the good results can fairly be expected. That is the only thing you get to focus as a manager.

    Celtic sealed their 36th Scottish Cup

    June 6th, 2013

    Along with the 36thScottish Cup, Celtic have proudly made it to a double domestic. The team sealed their victory as Gary Hooper scored twice in the match. Anthony Stokes is the man who created both of the goals by Hooper. The result – Neil Lennon’s side meritoriously concluded the game as a competition afore the break. The comeback was so great that Hibernian failed to threaten it and the late strike by Joe Ledley dissipated any persistent qualms in respect with the outcome.

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    As a result the Edinburgh still awaits the Scottish Cup and is defeated second time successively in the finals. Ironically, they initiated the match on a brighter side and it almost seemed that the day will mark their victory over the Scottish Cup. The Eoin Doyle’s header was brilliantly saved by Forster which denied them of an early lead.

    This did not happen when the weak clearance by Alan Maybury gave the possession to Stokes and he fired the shot beyond the back post. Ben Williams, the goalkeeper could not reach it and this gave an ultimate chance to Hooper who side footed the ball from a narrow angle with Paul Hanlon and Ryan McGivern watching the ball.

    The Hibs fans may have been regretting their decision of buying tickets for the game due to this early lead. But the Edinburgh team did not clasp at all. The game was interesting as Tom Taiwo was seen in a really good swing while passing magnificently in the midfield and tackling with his talent.

    Williams blocked one from Ledley. But the Hibs showed that they did not learn anything from the previous goal. The second one took over in the quite same manner. Stokes crossed deeper this time and it was again Hooper who found the room between Hanlon and McGivern and headed back across the wrong footed Williams to mark the second goal and reserve his personal 31stgoal of the season.

    It was evident that Celtic had a great morale with the presence of top performers – Hooper, Stokes and Commons. On the other hand, Leigh Griffiths, the jewel of Hibs was unable to mark any impact.

    The second half was incident free and the Hibs was seen incapable of congregating anything that looked like a shot on goal.

    Though, Hooper had a chance of settling a hat-trick along with the cup when Lustig rolled the ball to him. But he mis-kicked the ball which fell in the path of Ledley who could reach only the top corner of Williams.

    This defeat has reflected that Hibs have not won the cup since 1902 and in the previous season as well, they couldn’t reserve the cup after being the finalist.

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    Arsenal beats Bristol Academy by 3-0

    May 31st, 2013

    While beating Bristol Academy, Arsenal has secured their 12thFA Women’s Cup and that too with a substantial win of 3-0 at the Donacster’sKeepmoat stadium. As the matter of fact, it was too much excitement for the audience in the stadium, as the opening goal happened within two minutes of the game. Steph Houghton, the captain, headed the goal in Rachel Yankey’s left wing cross.

    Jordan Nobbs hit the post as Arsenal conquered the first half. It was when the match was on 72 minutes that she found the net and placed a neat goal header. The third one was smashed by Ellen White after a while.

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    Shelley Kerr who is the new coach of Arsenal has secured her first piece of Silverware and quoted, “We have been so successful in the past and the expectations have been high” She further added “For me it’s all about the players – they have been exceptional today. Before the game, I just said to them ‘relax’. We have been playing good football and sometimes you just have to be patient to get results. I thought we won comfortably in the end.”

    To worsen the situations for Bristols, the midfielder Lucy Staniforth was seriously injured on the knee and was taken on a stretcher in the second half. The vixens have been looking for vengeance for their defeat in 2011 final by Arsenal but lacked that form in the game. Things were scattered after the first goal within 90 seconds. Mark Sampson’s side looked short of ideas in attack and that can be due to the absence of Laura del Rio who had a hamstring problem and began the game on bench.

    The closest that they were found in the game was after the Houghton’s goal. Corinne Yorston’s corner rattled the near post and Jemma Rose raged the rebound over. Talking about the possession in the entire game, Arsenal were very bright. The ball was passed over and over in the Bristol Half and with the brilliance of Nobbs, it seemed aggressive.

    The goalkeeper of Bristol, Siobhan Chamberlain did a fine and saved some shots brilliantly which did not let Arsenals stuff another goal in the first half. But in the second half, Arsenal doubled their lead very soon.

    There was a chance for Nobbs within the six minutes left to score but Chamberlain was quite impressive. However it did not stop Arsenal from winning the Cup and that too with no goal shot by the opponent team.

    “We didn’t really turn up,” Chamberlain stated after the match. “We have been playing well in the league but here a lot of our players didn’t perform as well as they can. It is disappointing, because we had a lot more to give.”

    Premier League: Wigan Relegated by Arsenal’s 4-1 March

    May 28th, 2013

    Just days after the elation of its FA Cup final win, Wigan’s eight-season tenure in the Premier League came to an end as they were shattered by Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, who moved back into the Champions League places. Arsenal now stands fourth and a point ahead of Tottenham with one game to go and the team very well knows that a win at Newcastle on Sunday will guarantee a place in next season’s Champions League. Wigan’s defeat also means that Sunderland and Aston Villa can now relax into the final weekend, irrespective of the match results.

    On a practical note, Wigan had to win to keep their survival hopes high. But Arsenal desperately needed the points as well as it tries to qualify for the Champions League and the Gunners romped home thanks to a brace from Lukas Podolski and strikes from Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey. Wigan was torn apart by a ruthless Arsenal side superbly inspired by Santi Cazorla. The little Spanish wizard was at the heart of everything, casting a spell over the leaky Latics, who collapsed again at the back and will now play next season in the Championship.

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    Wigan posed the sprit and the power to ignite the fire within them but Arsenal was already on fire, not letting them down. During the first half of the game, Arsenal was wonderfully playing with menace with the little touches, such as Theo Walcott tackling back against Roger Espinoza or Koscielny’s acrobatic rejection of a high Wigan ball, brought reassurance to the home crowd. Cazorla had directed a stooping header wide from Walcott’s cross before opening goal and, thereafter, Kieran Gibbs stretched but could not meet Bacary Sagna’s shot; Mikel Arteta saw a drive blocked, and Aaron Ramsey touched wide of the near post.

    Wigan also grew in the first-half, particularly Shaun Maloney, who began to run into spaces and get his head up in dangerous areas. Jordi Gómez had a shot blocked by Koscielny and it was then Arsenal experienced a lull in the creation of chances, coupled with a narrow scoreline. There is then the transfer of nerves on to the players. The Arsenal team that finished the first-half was a pale shadow of the one which had started it.

    Arsenal woke up in the second half, pushing ahead when Walcott bravely got on the end of an excellent Cazorla cross to poke the Gunners into the lead, before Podolski had his second goal a few minutes later. Cazorla headed a ball into the Wigan box, which saw Podolski calmly lob the keeper to put Arsenal 3-1 up. Paul Scharner played Podolski onside to allow the German forward in to lob over Robles before Ramsey fired in from a tight angle to complete the win that turned Wigan’s dreams in to a worst nightmare.

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    Another relegation for Wolves with the departure of Saunders

    May 24th, 2013

    Dean Saunders has been dismissed from Wolverhampton Wanderers after the club was demoted down to league one. Saunders took over Molineux in January after leaving Doncaster Rovers. The West Midlands club have been suffering demotions continually after they lost the Premier League status in 2012. At 48, The Welshman was in charge for twenty games. They were at the 18th position in the championship when he took over. Wolves are now in hunt of a fourth manager since McCarthy in Feb 2012.

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    As soon as the sacking took place, the name of Steve Bruce was suggested. He is the same person who led Hull to the Premier League. His second interview was to take place in March 2012 but the club experienced a change of mind then. As a result, McCarthy’s assistant Terry Connor was made in charge for four months spell. Solbakken was allotted in the summer and was sacked in January.

    Saunders was offered a one-year contract after that. The twenty matches that were played under his command were majorly lost by the club. The club could only win five of the twenty matches, where 5 ended as draw and the remaining ten were lost. The very first win came after ten matches.

    The Championship status was lost by the club when they were beaten by 2-0 by Brighton on last Saturday. A statement from the club said: “Manager Dean Saunders has been informed by Wolves that his contract is to be terminated. Assistant manager Brian Carey will also be leaving the club.”He is the sacrificial lamb in my opinion. Twenty points from 20 games, is that really enough time for a manager to be able to do it at a great old club? I think there is a bit of a kneejerk reaction here by the chairman Steve Morgan, and not for the first time”,”Wolves have now begun a recruitment process, which in conjunction with the board will be managed by head of football development and recruitment Kevin Thelwell. The club will now take as long as is necessary to make this crucial appointment and there will be no publicly communicated timescales.”

    Such frequent sackings were seen back in 1995 with Swindon. Wolves are the first one to experience the same after that. Till now only twelve teams have experienced the relegation to the third tier continually in the consecutive seasons and the history of Football League is 125 years old. Wolves has topped it by managing to feat twice.

    Former Wrexham boss Saunders said on his Wolves appointment: “My brief is the Premier League. Although we’re right up against it, three or four wins on the trot and we’d be right up there.”

    The former striker has won 75 caps for wales in which he scored 22 goals in the career where he turned out for 12 clubs that includes big names like Aston Villa and Liverpool. He retired in 2001.


    Pellegrini among the Favorites to Replace Mancini

    May 21st, 2013

    Manuel Pellegrini remains the top among the hot favorites list of speculations to be the new manager of Manchester City after Roberto Mancini was sacked a year to the day since he brought the Premier League trophy to Eastlands. Roberto Mancini has been sacked as Manchester City manager just two days earlier at the Etihad Stadium citing that he failed to achieve the club’s target. Assistant manager David Platt followed the Italian out of the exit door, with coach Brian Kidd placed in interim charge for the rest of the season. Kidd has also been asked to lead the team on next week’s United States tour.

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    Now, following Roberto Mancini’s departure from Etihad Stadium, it appears that the 59-year-old Chilean is poised to take over the real thing. Malaga boss Pellegrini has been a reported long-term target for City, having previously won plaudits for his work at two other Spanish clubs in Real Madrid and Villarreal. Even though the media grapevine is abuzz with extensive profiles of Pellegrini, the Chilean tried to dampen down speculation by saying: “I deny here and now being the new coach of Manchester City, I haven’t signed any agreement with anybody.” The 59-year-old is odds on to take charge at the Etihad, with other candidates such as Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Rafael Benitez considered big outsiders.

    Mancini took charge in December 2009 and led the club to FA Cup success two years later, their first trophy in 35 years, before lifting the Premier League title last season.

    However, his failure to build on those achievements counted against him and he was unable to secure a second FA Cup, surprisingly losing to Wigan in the final on Saturday. Manuel Pellegrini was appointed to manage Malaga, a team dubbed “the Manchester City of Spain”, less than three years ago.

    Pellegrini’s awareness that he is top of City’s list gives him a powerful bargaining hand, knowing that it would be embarrassing for City to miss out on him now. But after a Mancini era that was characterized by the Italian’s high-handedness in each and every department, Manchester City will be cautious and will be cutting down the powers of the team’s ancillary roles, in order to avoid the mistakes of Mancini.

    Manchester City’s pursuit of Manuel Pellegrini is expected to help the club’s move to sign his 21-year-old Malaga playmaker, Isco, with whom the Chilean also shares an agent. Reports in Spain suggested that Isco, who is valued at £27m, has been offered a four-year deal by City, but the player and his father, Paco Alarcon, are considering if a further year in Spain would be better. City sporting director Txiki Begiristain’s talks with Pellegrini’s agent, Jesus Martinez, have allowed him to discuss bringing Isco, a Spain international, to the Etihad.

    Rio Ferdinand Retires from International Football

    May 17th, 2013

    Rio Ferdinand has announced his retirement from international football and England duty citing an influx of young talent and a desire to concentrate on his Manchester United career as the reasons behind his decision.

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  • The 34-year-old Manchester United defender, who has won 81 caps, made his debut in 1997 and had represented his country at three World Cups. Ferdinand became the youngest defender to play for England when he made his international debut as a 19-year-old against Cameroon at Wembley in November 1997. He played in three World Cups— 1998, 2002 and 2006, but was ruled out of the 2010 tournament in South Africa because of a knee injury. Ferdinand has not played for England since a Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland in June 2011.

    Ferdinand had been called up for England’s World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Montenegro in March after an international absence of two years but had then declined the opportunity, instead travelling to Qatar as a television pundit claiming his “intricate, pre-planned” fitness programme would not allow him to play. That decision was widely interpreted as a snub to Hodgson, who had left him out of the Euro 2012 squad for what the England manager described as “footballing reasons”.

    However, at the time Ferdinand’s brother Anton was in dispute with the Chelsea captain John Terry, who he claimed had racially abused him, and it was seen as a convenient way of avoiding friction within the squad. Terry was cleared of the charge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in July, but was later found guilty by the Football Association.

    The Manchester United defender’s decision finally brings his deteriorating relationship with the national side to an end, in an official manner. Ferdinand confirmed his decision on Wednesday morning, the day before Roy Hodgson is due to name his England squad for the friendlies against Republic of Ireland and Brazil. It means Hodgson will have to look at alternatives for the Ireland and Brazil friendlies given Chris Smalling is injured and Joleon Lescott out of form.

    On Thursday, Hodgson will name his England squad for the end-of-season friendlies against Republic of Ireland at Wembley on 29 May and Brazil in Rio de Janiero four days later. The England boss didn’t hesitate to pay tribute to the former West Ham man saying Ferdinand is a real achiever who had a senior international career with England over 14 years at the highest level.

    Ferdinand helped Manchester United retain the Premier League title and was voted in to the Professional Footballers’ Association’s team of the year by his peers. The former West Ham and Leeds centre-back is expected to sign a new contract with Manchester United this summer. And, with David Moyes replacing Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer, Ferdinand has decided the time is right to concentrate on club matters.


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